Our Arch of Germanicus and his New Boat

Notre Arc de Germanicus et son Nouveau Bateau

As a minimalist with very rigid rules regarding aesthetics and beauty, I prefer my honor arc to be uncluttered by contemporary life. Naturally, nobody pays any attention to my ideas. For several weeks now, workers and their machinery polluted the right bank of the Charente river with their industrious presence, not to mention perambulating families, school children and their teachers dispensing history lessons, teenagers on skateboards and homeless men with their dogs et cætera.

Then, at 12h46 today a foghorn rang out and the brand new Bernard Palissy III swept beneath the main bridge of the City of Saintes on her maiden voyage toward her permanent home at the pier of Place Bassompierre.


For the next seven months, the #III will moor beneath our arch to execute her mission of providing tourists and locals alike with the adventure of river cruises on the Charente. Since the Bernard Palissy III is an electric boat – hence the foghorn to announce her stealth approach – entirely powered by solar energy, she is a major factor in the city’s determination to move ever closer to sustainability.


Bienvenue Bernard Palissy III !

P.S. Another dramatic image of the Palissy Trois, taken at 19:30 tonight:


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